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give us this day our daily bread - wild sage homestead

It has been SO very long since I have written on this blog! Friends let me tell you, a LOT has happened since the last time we spoke.

When a person asks me what’s happening in my life, usually I give them the same list of details. “Not much, kids are growing like weeds, hanging out a bit with friends, etc etc etc.” In the past year or so there has been such a shift in my spiritual life, that I now measure my life differently. If you REALLY want to know what I’ve been into, I would love to tell you. I can tell you that God has given me purpose.

God gave me purpose when he gave Rob and I our children (I’m pregnant with our third, by the way — another precious little girl!). My purpose from that point was to raise Godly children in this fallen world… And it is a DAUNTING task at times, let me tell you. But my most recent conversation with God is that I am to write – His voice was very clear in that. I don’t believe, as a woman, that I am to be a leader of men, but I do know that God uses women in such unique and precious ways that ONLY a woman can be used for His glory. We were designed that way. Fortunately for me, writing is one of them.

I have several friends of mine who I lovingly refer to as my “Soul Sisters.” Just yesterday, one of them (perhaps the one closest to my heart), directed me to a lesson by Kay Arthur, who I adore. I bought the session from Lifeway online and listened to it today. But before I go into that…do you have a friend like this? I’m not taking about a best friend that you can read … I’m talking about a sister or brother in Christ who knows your heart and who prays for it. If you don’t, you are missing one of God’s GREATEST BLESSINGS! I’m talking about a friend you never have to worry about offending or growing tired of. A friend who will call you OUT on your junk and who will LOVE YOU ANYWAY!! This is my prayer for you today!!

Okay back to business. (Hey… I go where the Spirit leads me!) So this study session specifically referred to the part of the Lord’s Prayer that states ‘give us this day our daily bread’. This phrase means so very much to me. If you’ll allow me to give you a little personal story here: A month or so ago I was browsing one of West Virginia’s great primitive decor shops when I stopped in the isle with all of the phrases you can adhere to your walls. You’ve seen these, right? I’m talking everything from Always kiss me goodnight to If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. I wanted something to add to a funky little spot in our kitchen that “needed something.” I always loved the verse in Joshua that states “As for me and my house, we will worship the Lord.”

Give us this day our daily bread - wall artAs I tried to find that one, the one I ended up feeling a connection with (as much of a connection as a girl can feel to cling-on wall phrases) Give us this day our daily bread.  I took it home and put it on our kitchen wall. It was beautiful. That was that.

But all the while, I didn’t realize just how much this phrase described God’s plan for my family. You see, Rob and I have always struggled with our finances. How PERSONAL of me to say that on a blog, right? Well guess what… God has made me unbelievably transparent (which would make me a horrible politician, thankfully.)

Rob is a wonderful manager of finances, but it wasn’t always this way. We overspent and we were naive. As most of you know, this is a learned behavior. Babies are not born with checkbooks… Ironically, they do come with huge bills. Alas, a different subject for a different day!

Anyway, we have just never been big moneymakers. Up to recent times, I have approached this as “our cross to bear.” As if to say my Heavenly Father dishes out a struggle for each person to battle in their lives. Thankfully, He has shown me that there is no grace in this thought and that it isn’t the case. But WHY then will He not take away our financial burdens? Did we not learn our lesson? Can He just give us some PEACE ALREADY?!?

Friend, this is where the grace is. Your Heavenly Father will always provide. He knows our every need! This little phrase ‘our daily bread’ is not just encompassing food. It encompasses every need you have. It encompasses your home, your relationships, your mate (who I hope is a godly one, for your sake and the sake of your children), your children, your transportation, your EVERY NEED! This little phrase is where the rubber meets the road! It joins our FAITH in God’s HOLY, PERFECT Word to our desire to see Him work in our lives!

Do you believe His word is true? Do you believe that GOD breathed the passage in Matthew 6:25-34 where HE says ‘…look at the birds of the air. They do not sow, or reap, or stow away in barns and yet YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER feeds them.’

Precious friend, can you imagine how much He loves and wants to care for you? For lack of a better way to phrase this, take a look out of your window… do you see a bird? You probably see hundreds. But YOUR Heavenly Father loves this creature and cares for it so very much. Do you not believe that He cares so much more for YOU?  Do you have children? Have you ever ached at their pain, had a sleepless night because you were hurting for them? Regardless of your relationship with your earthly father, your Heavenly Father loves you and will always provide for you without fail. Let that sink in. BREATHE on that.

So today I am SO thankful that we are penny to penny. I have come to the point in my life that I desire NOTHING more than to walk with God. I want to know Him so well that I know what He’s thinking and how He will react (as much as He will allow me to). YES – we desire financial freedom, but if it means losing this closeness – this dependability – I don’t want a penny more. I have been ‘saved’ since I was 7 years old but never fine-tuned that walk enough to appreciate Him in my life. I love watching Him work. I crave it. And I pray that you experience this too.

So as I said before my prayer for you is that, like us, you are able rid yourself of the lies that church and its people are a crock. That you let go of the deceitful thought  that institutions of faith are run by sinners and that you are fully capable to avoid them and succeed through life on your own. It is the church (aka ‘bride of Christ) that houses people who need him and each other, and it is here that I found my Soul Sisters.

I pray that you overcome your fear of commitment to God, and that He BLESSES you with friends like these. I pray that the wall between you and your Savior is broken, and that you learn to run to Him. YES you will have to make changes – really difficult ones –  but I can promise you that He will bless you beyond comprehension for following Him.

I can’t possibly convey to you the peace that He has given me. God does not choose to bless a meager few. He wants to bless you and love you and watch you grow as His ‘child’. My prayer is all of this for you today!

You are loved!

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Jes Russo is a stay-at-home mother, educator, homesteader and an avid outdoorswoman. Her love for her family, the land and all of God’s Creation suits her well and she is happy raising chickens, knitting and sipping a fresh cup of coffee.

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  1. Linda Jenkins April 24, 2012 at 4:46 pm · Reply

    I just joined the group “Facebook likes Hub.” and I saw a link to this blog from the Facebook fan page Wild Sage Homestead– I just had to comment on your blog because I can really relate to the leading of God in Your life. 7 years ago God told me to leave my safe dependable job (Letter Carrier for the Postal Service). And go full time ministry and writing. Anyway, all of it is a long story but I too have been led to write. I too have been become like the Hebrews in the desert depending on His provision. Oh my husband has a good job and it pays most of the bills but it is tight and that is because we too made errors in our finances. However, the greatest blessing has been these last 2 years I have grown so much Spiritually that you can actually see the working of God in ALL situations you face and you become thankful even for the difficult situations. I am close the the finish line in my 1st non-fiction book–and I would never have written it or gotten this far if I did not have the experiences I had these last few year (well actually last 20 years to be exact.) Thank-you for your blog and revealing God work in ad through you.

  2. Holly (@ Your Gardening Friend) December 28, 2012 at 1:35 pm · Reply

    I just came across your website. The very first thing I look for (normally, but not always) before I “like” a site on Facebook is “Do I agree with their faith / beliefs? And, is God only a hint on their site, can He be found AT ALL, or is God woven through out this person’s life to the point that they can not help but overflow their love for Him on the pages of “their” blog?”

    Needless to say, I’m “liking” Wild Sage Homestead. :)

    Also, you mentioned Kay Arthur. I was given her book “Lord, Teach Me to Pray in 28 days” as a wedding gift 15 years ago. That book still affects how I pray today.

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