Guest Blog on Consistency, Creating a Homestead Blog


Have you ever written a guest blog post? To maximize your efforts, it is best to appear on a blog in your niche, with similar readers (or those readers in which you hope to entice back to your own blog). I think I could write a series on the benefits of guest blogging or at least another blog post.

Now, though, I just want to share that I was honored recently to be the featured guest author on two wonderful blogs.

First, my article Consistency is Key: Small Steps to Obtain the Business, Body, and Life You Crave, appeared on Carl Mason-Liebenberg’s blog. Carl is a wellness and weight loss specialist, author, fitness coach, and a leader in creating a lifestyle of wellness.

Consistency is Key

Second, I wrote a blog on creating your own homestead blog for Laurie Neverman, the Common Sense Woman. Now, these pointers would work for about anyone starting out with their first blog, but homesteading is the theme here and that fit Laurie’s blog perfectly.

Create Your Homestead Blog in 6 Steps - Guest Post

Have you ever written a guest blog? What tips do you have on the subject of guest blogging?

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Designer Rob Russo loves to work and play on the homestead with his wife, Jes, their three daughters and a big flock of chickens. He blogs about social media design and marketing at and is the marketing director of You should follow Rob on Twitter.

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  1. Laura May 30, 2012 at 4:20 am · Reply

    Homesteading is a broad term that refers to ways of living focused on growing your own food, building your own buildings, and supplying your own needs while minimizing the intervention of the market economy..

  2. Crystal June 2, 2012 at 4:20 am · Reply

    You would probably use either adsense or a advertising service like it and it would generate ad revenue from people visiting your blog and occasionally clicking on links. You would need to bring an audience in before you could set up ads I think. So you take about a year and really grow your website without ads or with minimally invasive ads as not to scare anyone away, then when your website is more established you can increase the ads, but don’t be too gready or you will scare away your customer base.

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